It’s official Camp Season is over!

Enjoy a recap of our Middle School Summer Camp Event!

We took our Middle Schoolers to Forest Home for a week a couple of weeks after houseboats! We took 80 students and 12 leaders and headed to the mountains to encounter what God had been preparing these students for all year.

One of the coolest parts of camp this year happened during the worship experience on Wednesday night. The worship experience is where there are a bunch of stations where students can go and participate in a spiritual activity with their cabin. Some stations included communion, a prayer wall, and worship via music. The station that stood out though was the feet washing station. Each of the cabin’s leaders got to teach their students about Jesus’ servant heart and how he washed every one of His disciples’ feet before He went to the cross. Jesus did not come to be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many (Matt 20:28). Students then received the opportunity to serve and love one another by washing each other’s feet.

Observing kids from a nice area like Scripps Ranch take the form of a servant like that was so powerful. They didn’t joke. They took it seriously, and it was a beautiful moment.

To God be the glory!

Pastor Sekwohn

Enjoy our photo gallery of fun pics from this awesome week!


Enjoy a video of our Middle Schoolers at Summer Camp!