The Women of Canyon Springs Have Prepared A Meal of Gratefulness!

The smell of Thanksgiving was in the air as 20 ladies, I mean, chefs, assembled a Thanksgiving meal at Addy’s Bistro last week!  Denise, the shop owner, taught us how to make homemade rolls, garlic herbed turkey breast, gourmet mac and cheese, roasted veggies, butternut squash soup and a delicious salted caramel pumpkin cake!

I shared the story of an impressive cook in the Bible, Abigail, who prepared a gigantic feast as a peace offering to King David. We took some tips from this beautiful and intelligent woman of how we could be the peacemaker around our own Thanksgiving table this year.  Laughter abounded and new friends were made over this amazing meal and evening of fun!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Julie Mountain, Director of Women of Canyon Springs