Well, we reached the half-way mark for the year and celebrated with PJ/Movie Night! Clubbers arrived at the early start time clad in their cozy pajamas and carrying sleeping bags, pillows, stuffed animals and the like. I thought a few of them might just stay the night?! The clubbers enjoyed watching "Inside Out" while partaking in yummy snacks. A big shout-out [...]

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AWANA Recap – November 4th

Last night was STARBURST NIGHT! For every verse or section that the Clubbers memorized, they received a starburst. You'll be happy to know, though, that we capped it off at 5 candies! :) Amazing what a great motivator it is though! During Counsel Time, we talked about PROMISES. Everyone claimed that they've made a promise to someone before - and [...]

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CLUB 45 RECAP November 2nd

TWO REMINDERS: CAMP: As of yesterday, the camp list is full! We are starting a wait list. It is very likely that your child can still go if they are on the wait list BUT you need to let us know ASAP if your child would like to attend. Email Chrissy at Also, if you expressed that your child [...]

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Club 45 Recap – October 26th

As usual, we started out another fantastic week at Club 45 with "Club time" where the kids could relax and enjoy their time together playing games, eating snacks, and playing outside as well! This week was all about Patience.  Boy did we have some great conversation about this fruit of the spirit!  Before we got started with the lesson, our [...]

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AWANA Recap – Oct. 14th

Well, B.A.R.F Night was a huge success! We had 15 friends visit our Awana for the first time! We shared with our new friends what Awana is and what we do on Wednesday nights. We invited them to come back anytime - we're hoping they will come see us again! Lots of clubbers made their way into the Awards room [...]

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Club 45 Recap – Oct. 12th

This week at Club 45, we continued our study of the Fruits of the Spirit by talking about JOY! First, we had to mix things up a little bit with a game of Fruit Basket Questions. The kids had to get in random groups as dictated by Ms. Chrissy then do a speed round of get-to-know-you questions. So fun! Then they settled [...]

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Jill and Shelley are Passing the Torch

Video Update: Changes at Canyon Springs The folks of Canyon Springs are forever thankful for the time, love and encouragement Jill and Shelly have poured into our children over the last 16 years. Our Children's Ministry and Sunday School have been a safe, loving and fun-filled environment for the children of our community to experience Jesus. These two have created [...]

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“Pack and Pray” for Haiti Spring Trip 2015

We are well under way preparing for our Spring Haiti trip. Many of you have asked how you can help. Here is what we are collecting for our friends at Good Rest Mission: Shampoo Soap Toothpaste/Toothbrush Plastic Easter Eggs Candy for eggs (no chocolate please) How? Pack the items in a ziplock bag and feel free to drop supplies off [...]

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Women’s Retreat 2015 “Road Trip”

When was the last place you took a road trip? College tours? Grand Canyon? Grandma’s house? Road Trips have the unique ability to allow us to get to know each other in ways we never imagined. We learn interesting facts about each other like, who can and cannot sing along with the radio, and who can drive the farthest after [...]

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