Hey Everyone! Welcome to the new Oasis Blog format. We are changing up the way we communicate to everyone (I.e. no more direct emails from me)

New “Newsletter” Format

As I previously mentioned, we are no longer going to directly email everyone the weekly information. It was too cumbersome, and too hard to manage a list of new, incoming users and outgoing users, etc. Instead, we will be posting all of the information and updates on the Blog. This will make it easier for more people to find the information as it will be part of our website.

HS & MS Separated

High School and Middle School will follow the same format, but will each have their own blog feed. You can see the articles here:


Each of the blog “feeds” will show up on the Oasis Youth Web Page here: https://www.canyonsprings.org/ministries/oasis-youth-ministry/

Still want that email?

Best part is that you can still have the updates delivered to your inbox by subscribing on the website. Whenever a new post is put onto the website, you will receive it in your email later that day. You can subscribe to High School and/or Middle School. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

Scroll down to the “Receive Updates to your Inbox” form and follow the directions (there is a confirmation process).

IMPORTANT – You must select HS and/or MS in the blog categories on the sign-up form to receive these in your inbox. (You can select others as well)

Check out this video to learn more.

This Week

This week at Oasis we have no small groups. We are giving the students a break as they prep for school. We are praying for you and your family as you head into the new school year!

On Sunday we are doing a “one off” message about going back to school. Encourage your student to be there as I really think this Sunday will set their minds on the right things for school this season.

We have started our Sponsor a Youth fundraiser so please please make sure that your student DOES get their picture done. We are doing pictures at any Oasis activity for the next 2-3 weeks.

We will resume Midweeks on 9/4/2019!

Next Week

We are starting our new Series “The Sex Series.” I will be sending out some resources for you in regards to this series. You will get some questions and other resources to continue the conversations at home (if you choose to).

We are Back to Midweek next week! We will be having a big party to celebrate the start of Fall.

On the Radar

Be sure to download our whole FALL calendar. Please keep in mind that events are tentative and can change or things can be added to the calendar but this will give you a framework for what are some of the main things happening. Be sure to subscribe below to get this delivered directly to your inbox every week


I am looking forward to an AWESOME Fall semester with your students,

Chad Richards

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