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We are on for midweeks at the COVE and are continuing our series on friendships. See below for what we have covered so far and how to continue the conversation at home!

We have baptisms at church this Sunday. If your student is ready and wants to get baptized please email me at [email protected]

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We will have church on Sunday and midweeks next week!

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We have our 2020 Spring Calendar LIVE. You can access it by clicking HERE. 

This calendar has everything up until our last small group in MAY

Here is a look at March:

Said No Friend Ever Series At Church  (1st, 8th, 15th)
Midweeks (4th, 11th, 18th)
Gag Night (25th)

Houseboats dates are solidified and it is July 12th-17th.

Winning at Home

***This section will always have something for YOU as the parent. It may be a blog I read somewhere or an article from the internet. Sometimes it will be something from me directly or a recap of a current message we went through at church***

Said No Friend Ever (series recap)

Week 1-I will make you or break you

Every week we have been looking at one phrase that a friend would never say

  • No friend would ever say “I will make you or break you”
  • While they may not say that, what is interesting is that is exactly what friendships do
  • Your friends will either make you or break you
  • Your friends are leaving you with something, what are they leaving you with?
  • Your friends are taking you somewhere, where are they taking you?
  • How to pick good friends
    • Look at what they do
    • Listen to what they say

Week 2-I don’t care about you 

  • No friend would ever say “I don’t care about you.”
  • What makes a good friend?
  • Looked at the story of Jonathon and David
  • We all want acceptance
  • The need and feeling for acceptance will only get you so far in your friendships and life
  • The most important thing in a friendship is one thing
    • Mutual concern
      • I care for you
      • I care about you
      • I care about your goals
      • I care about your life
  • We all want a friend like Jonathon was to King David but how many of US are that friend.
  • Take a deep dive inside and evaluate if YOU are a good friend to others
  • Do you show mutual concern because a friend who cares shares
    • shares their life
    • shares their love
    • shares their heart


Chad Richards

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