Year End 2016

We've reached the Year's End And I Thank YOU! It’s year end and there are so many blessings to be thankful for at Canyon Springs. I’m thankful for an unbelievable staff of friends that I get to work with. I’m blown away by the way the Canyon Springs faithful care for people in our neighborhoods, students on campus, homeless on [...]

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Miracle of Jesus 2016 (Recap)

It was a beautiful “Night in Bethlehem” last Saturday 12/3/16 as we welcomed over 350 visitors to our Bethlehem village! Each visitor received a tote bag on their way in to the city, to collect and carry all that they accumulated during their stay. The young ones made their way through six village stations: the Scribe’s Tent, Potter’s Shed, Bakery, [...]

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This week was PJ/Movie Night. It was a fun celebration to wrap up our fall session!  Our schedule was a little different than usual - and more fun (believe it or not?!) The clubbers started out doing table time and games, like usual. But instead of coming together for Counsel Time, we did an immediate switch where the Hikers went out to games and [...]

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This was our LAST week of Club 45 until January; we'll start back after camp, on January 23rd. We had a super fun night celebrating the end of our fall session! It started out with Club Time, as usual, but it was shortened - because we had lots of other activities to do! First, we made sure all the clubbers had their [...]

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AWANA and Iguanas

This week was Inside Out/Backwards Night. Just another reason to dress crazy and be silly! :)  During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy presented the pet of the week: IGUANA. This is not exactly a common pet but it has some interesting characteristics. Iguanas have exceptional eyesight that allows them to see shadows, colors and images from very long distances. One especially unique thing [...]

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Club 45 Honor your parents

Next week is our LAST week of Club 45 for this session!!  (We’ll start back up in January, after camp.) Camp sign Ups: We are full and have moved to a waiting list. We’ve called Forest Home camp to see if they are willing to give us a few more spots. So… if your child is interested in going, you [...]

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AWANA Missions Night

This week was Missions Night. The clubbers were asked to dress "international" - and boy did they! We had so many countries represented: Egypt, Uganda, Haiti, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, China and, of course, the USA!  We did a few things to honor missions this week. First of all, several of our clubbers brought in their Christmas gifts for the kids in Tijuana, Mexico. [...]

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AWANA – Pastor Night

This week was Pastor Night, which means we had a special guest speaker (I wonder who it was?!). Stay tuned.. Game time, as always, was super fun! We even had to close the door because the teams were screaming so loud! Mr. John created a Halloween flavor by adding pumpkins to the game mix! During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy introduced the pet of [...]

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Club 45 Recap – Oct. 24th

We began Club 45 with Club Time. Due to the rain, it was an indoor night! So we packed the room with board games, ping pong, fooz ball and floor puzzles! Our mixer to kick off our large group time was a Work, Work, Rest activity.  We witnessed your children doing sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, word search, puzzles, coloring, math problems [...]

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Club 45 Recap – Oct. 17th

We began Club 45 with Club Time.  This is a time where the children are free to choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor games or just hang out and get to know each other. Our mixer was a drawing game. Partners lined up back to back. One had a picture of a shape and the other had a [...]

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