We’re excited to recognize and thank Dave Cummings!  He has been a vital part of our church community and has helped out in a lot of wonderful ways.

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What Ministry / Group do you Volunteer With?

AWANA, Hospitality, Worship Team

When did you start coming to Canyon Springs?


What made you decide to Volunteer?

I started by helping out with Kid City one or two Sundays over the summer. During Lyla’s first year at AWANA I would drop her off, drive home, wait 30 minutes, and then drive back to pick her up. The next year I decided I might as well stay and help out! Last year Blake was looking for hospitality volunteer so I decided to join the team. I started playing with the worship band because it’s fun jamming with the talented musicians at Canyon Springs!

What is your favorite part about Volunteering?

It’s great when our whole family helps out. Sometimes Chelsea is volunteering at Kid City and I’m doing hospitality, so our kids either help out in the classroom or stand with me and greet at the door. Lyla and Emmy perfected their lemonade-stirring technique thanks to the patient instruction of veteran hospitality crew members like Nicole Anderson.

Do You Volunteer With Other Organizations?


About You

Where were you born & raised?

Santa Rosa, CA

What brought you to San Diego?

The Navy

What is your job/profession?

Currently on temporary full time orders with the Navy, normally a Project Engineer at General Atomics.


Emmy is five (six on April 3rd) and likes being kind to everyone, not just her ‘BFF.’ She is an interpretive dancer and a great story teller. Lyla is seven and she loves puzzles , forts, and anything outdoors. Chelsea is my awesome wife of 11 years and is also a dedicated Canyon Springs volunteer. Chelsea is super artistic and she loves traveling, especially to Great Britain.

Stuff & Random Tidbits

What is your favorite food / restaurant in San Diego?

Anywhere with outdoor seating, especially by the ocean.

What is an interesting fact about you?

I have TERRIBLE vision but the Navy let me fly airplanes as long as I always kept an extra pair of glasses in my pocket. I once did a coordinated unicycle routine set to music with nine other people for a high school talent show.

Final Remarks/Comments:

Volunteering at Canyon Springs has been fantastic! I never knew there were so many dedicated and hard-working people that went to church here, and it’s been super fun getting to know them.

Thank you Dave for your serving heart!

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