We’re excited to recognize and thank The Cummins Family!  They have been a vital part of our church community! They help out in a lot of wonderful ways.

Read more about how God has worked through the Cummins Family at Canyon Springs Church.

What Ministry / Group do you Volunteer With?

VBS, OASIS, Club 45/AWANA, Mission Trips (Haiti & Mexico), Homeless Outreach

When did you start coming to Canyon Springs?

12 years ago – 2006

What made you decide to Volunteer?

We wanted to be involved in activities our kids were a part of. With Haiti and the Homeless Outreach, we wanted our kids to grow up learning to be servants. We try to teach them to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We’ve been on the receiving end of help and we’re happy that we can give back too.

What is your favorite part about Volunteering?

Ava says, “The kids!” Levi says, “VBS!” Ben says, “Mission trips to Mexico!” As a family we love giving back to others.

Do you volunteer with organizations, outside of Canyon Springs

Yes. We work with Angels Foster Family Network, that allows us the opportunity to foster newborn babies. Also, every Christmas our daughter Ava puts on a craft fair at our house and uses the money to buy blankets for the homeless. She started doing it when she was 5 and we’ve done it each year since.

About You

What is your job/profession?

Dave is a mortgage loan officer and Jessica is a stay at home mom and has been homeschooling for 8 years. She’s also a tutor at Classical Conversations.

Where were you born/raised?

Dave is a San Diego Native.

Jessica was born in Boston. Grew up in New Hampshire until she moved to San Diego when she was 11. The kids are all native San Diegans.

What brought you to San Diego?

Jessica – My mom liked the weather.


Married for 18 years. We have 3 children – Ava (13), Ben (10), and Levi (5) and are currently fostering a baby (1 month).

Stuff & Random Tidbits

What is your favorite food / restaurant in San Diego?

Tacos! Our favorite Taco Shop is Cotijas. We frequent the In-N-Out Burger quite a bit too.

What is one “interesting fact” about you?

Referring back to the “food” question . . . Our Christmas Eve dinner is always at In-N-Out. Jess and I started eating there for Christmas Eve when we were dating. We use to go to two Christmas Eve services (for each set of parents), so in between we’d grab In-N-Out . . . and we still have dinner there as a family on Christmas Eve!

What one word or phrase describes you?

We are a family that loves to have fun! Jess and I have been known to sneak off to Disneyland and leave the kids behind at home with a sitter. We told them we went shopping . . . we just didn’t tell them where!

Thank you Cummins Family for your serving hearts!

 Enjoy a few photos of the Cummins Family!

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