Canyon Springs Celebrates 20 Years This Fall!

Twenty years ago, Canyon Springs Church was founded by a young couple wanting to bring the hope of Jesus to the Next One in Scripps Ranch and beyond. With the help of a handful of people and the backing of a denomination, Canyon Springs Church took root in 1998. This October, we will celebrate! We will celebrate the lives changed [...]

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Here, There, & Everywhere Update! – Girls’ Dorm in Haiti ~ 2018

Here, There, & Everywhere! Girls' Dorm in Haiti! Part of the Here, There, & Everywhere Campaign last year was an initiative to build a girls dorm in Haiti at Good Rest Orphanage.  In 2010, all their structures had been destroyed and this one last dorm was still needing to be rebuilt. Last week, Steve Denny, the CEO of Children’s Heritage [...]

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Houseboats Summer Camp 2018 Recap!

HOUSEBOATS 2018 Houseboats 2018 was one for the record books. Our annual trip has grown over 300%, from 70 to 200 kids in just 4 years!  What is drawing these high schoolers to make Houseboats THE trip for them and their friends each summer? Is it the tubing? The wake surfing? The cliff jumping (that does give them a healthy [...]

Creekside Summer Camp 2018 Recap!

  CREEKSIDE  2018 I think 64 middle schoolers and a race to eat a 30 person sundae at camp says it all --messy, sweet, great.  Creekside 2018 was a blast. The God takeaways were epic. Ministry to middle schoolers is definitely different than to high schoolers.  One key takeaway happened during cabin time with a group of 7th grade boys, [...]

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Quarterly Update, 2018Q2

Quarterly Update & Giving Statement (April - June 2018) Dear Canyon Springs Family, Recently I have been reading Everybody Always, the follow up to Love Does by Bob Goff. Bob encourages you in his book to always choose love, Jesus’ love, as our response to all people especially the difficult ones. It had me reflecting on the last three months of [...]

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Stay Connected During Summer 2018

Dear Canyon Springs Family, It has begun! Vacation and (Fill in the sport of your choice here, exp. Soccer) Tournament Seasons are here. Some have asked, “Is there a way to stay connected if we miss a Sunday this summer? As well as continue supporting the work God is doing here at Canyon Springs?” Well, yes! Yes there is: E-BULLETIN [...]

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Congregational Meeting 2018 Recap

Dear Canyon Springs Family, In early February, we held our annual congregational meeting as well as spoke in-service about the financial health of our church. Talking about money is typically not the most favorite thing for a pastor to speak about. Yet, I know Canyon Springs is not MY church. It is Jesus’ church and together we are the stewards, [...]

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Alpine Middle School Winter Camp 2018 Recap!

Alpine 2018 was a blast. We provided games, they made friends, and well, there was lots of sugar.  But the most important part was that we wanted the kids to meet Jesus... One of the ways our kids met Jesus at Alpine was thru the one on ones that took place with their leaders.  This was my highlight for the [...]

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Winter X High School Winter Camp 2018 Recap!

Winter x 2018 was MORE than just Snowboarding and Skiing. We also had a big group go to Bryce Canyon and a group go bowling. But beyond that was the opportunity for our youth to come face to face with Jesus thru worship, a message, quiet time or time with a leader.  God met me there in the middle of [...]

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