Club 45 Recap – March 7th

What a great night at Club 45! We had a full turn-out, despite the rain! :) The fact that they couldn't play outside didn't minimize the fun! The clubbers played all kinds of games like Connect Four, Mad Gab, Bounce Off, Guess Who and, of course, indoor football! Our group time started out with a super fun mixer - called [...]

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Club 45 Recap – January 25th

Club 45 is back - and we are so excited to have all our clubbers back together on Monday night! We started out the night playing all kinds of games - the standard football game outside and a myriad of games inside: Headbands, Fooz Ball, Apples to Apples, Guess Who. It's fun to see the kids mix up their groups and [...]

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AWANA Recap – November 11th

REMINDER: Next week is our LAST Awana for this fall session. (We will start back up after the holidays on January 13, 2016). Next Wednesday will be PJ/MOVIE Night and we will start earlier - at 5pm! This week was INSIDE OUT/BACKWARDS NIGHT!! Our clubbers and leaders came dressed in their wacky outfits all mixed up - it was great! Table time resulted [...]

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AWANA Recap – November 4th

Last night was STARBURST NIGHT! For every verse or section that the Clubbers memorized, they received a starburst. You'll be happy to know, though, that we capped it off at 5 candies! :) Amazing what a great motivator it is though! During Counsel Time, we talked about PROMISES. Everyone claimed that they've made a promise to someone before - and [...]

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CLUB 45 RECAP November 2nd

TWO REMINDERS: CAMP: As of yesterday, the camp list is full! We are starting a wait list. It is very likely that your child can still go if they are on the wait list BUT you need to let us know ASAP if your child would like to attend. Email Chrissy at [email protected] Also, if you expressed that your child [...]

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Club 45 Recap – October 19th

Last night started off with lots of fun game-playing! We brought in some new board games that were a big hit: Heads Up, Bounce Ball, Guess Who and, of course, Apple to Apples. A great way to start the night! That was followed by an intense ping pong ball competition. The clubbers were split into three teams and had to bounce or [...]

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